Insidious: Chapter 2

Insidious 2

  • The original Insidious (2010) was one half a good film, one fourth an odd movie and one fourth an unintentionally funny  and deliriously stupid picture. This sequel’s ratio is no where near so positive.
  • With a plot that requires too much exposition, a female lead, Renai (Rose Byrne), who is asked to do naught more than look scared and serve as her possessed husband’s punching bag, and an over-explored backstory, Insidious 2 is a mostly unnecessary addition to a narrative that was already flailing at the conclusion of its initial entry.
  • Which is not to say this flick is entirely without merit. Director James Wan, who also helmed The Conjuring , employs some interesting camera angles, stages his actors well and has terrific timing for scares and suspense.
  • Writer Leigh Whannell also finds some clever ways to tie the sequel and original together, at one point even showing a scene from the first flick via a different point of view.
  • But these strengths are vastly overwhelmed by the movie’s flaws, flaws that include an epilogue which sets up another sequel. Sadly, it seems the Insidious story isn’t over.
  • Final Grade: D- 

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