• Back when I saw Identity Thief, I would have said it had a very good chance of being the worst film of 2013. It is still one of the worst, but I’ve now seen three that are even less good (A Dark Truth and The Bling Ring being the others), and Getaway jumps instantly onto my Top Five Worst Films of All Time list. It might have been better than The Omega Code, but I think it was worse than Cool World. That would make this my second least favorite film. Ever.
  • So I am not going to spend many words on it. It is too bad to deserve evaluation.
  • The actors barely bother to show up. The plot is full of holes. The dialogue is ridiculously wooden and the (almost) non-stop car chase is just repetitive and boring.
  • Basically, snooze fest, this one. Take a nap instead.
  • Final Grade: F-

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