The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

the incredible burt wonderstone

  • Some moments that are quite funny. Some that aren’t.
  • Jim Carey’s Steve Grey riffs on the David Blane’s of the world and it is fantastic. It isn’t subtle, obviously, but I like it nonetheless.
  • Plot is predictable, I suppose. There is never a doubt that Oliva Wilde’s Jane will become Burt’s partner, that Burt (Carrel) and Anton (Buscemi) will reunite and receive the headlining gig at Doug Munny’s (Gandolfini) new hotel. And, of course, there is zero question that Steve Grey will receive some sort of comeuppance.
  • Nor is there a doubt that Burt will find joy in magic again and that he will become a decent human being, one who will wind up capturing Jane’s affection.
  • Film’s predictability is a flaw, but not one that ruins the picture, at least not for me.
  • The final “magic trick” comes much closer to ruinous, honestly. It is preposterous. Folks would notice time has passed. And once they noticed they would wonder why. And then the method would be investigated and the magicians would be in serious trouble.
  • And yet I can set that concern aside too. Because, in the end, this film is fun. It is far from great cinema, I grant, but it is fun. The actors all sell their parts well enough to justify watching it. The direction and writing keep up the pace and make character transitions feel natural enough. The soundtrack is good. And so forth.
  • Final Grade: C+

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