Thanks for Sharing

  • Thanks for Sharing2A interesting film that might almost be a romantic comedy and features terrific performances, Thanks for Sharing is always entertaining and at times a bit unsettling.
  • But it also suffers from a formulaic plot that never delivers anything unexpected and thereby struggles to capture much emotion.
  • The strength of director Stuart Blumberg’s debut is the cast. Every actor hits every note at every turn. The standout is Alecia Moore (otherwise known as Pink). Moore makes her addict (Dede) sympathetic, wildly likeable and incredibly vulnerable.  Tim Robbins as Big Mike, Patrick Fugit as Mike’s son Danny, and Mark Ruffalo as  Adam, our protagonist, are also terrific.
  • I appreciate how real Thanks for Sharing tries to portray addiction. Too often movies make addiction seem terribly fatalistic or fascinatingly appealing, but Thanks for Sharing avoids both stereotypes. The addicts in this film feel like otherwise good people who are controlled by their dependency and have to fight it at every turn, sometimes barely managing to avoid self-destructiveness and sometimes falling victim to it.
  • The characters, however, do not have quite enough dimension for a film with this predictable a plot. Addiction is portrayed well and the actors are magnificent, but neither the characters nor plot are all that original.
  • Final Grade: C

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