• Superbly acted. Boseman and Ford are exceptional. Especially Ford. It might just be Oscar worthy.
  • Reasonably well scripted as far as dialogue is concerned, but the writing is with what I take the biggest issue. People are reduced to two categories: Rabid racists and enlightened good guys.
  • This was basically fan-fic for Robinson. They show the hero, not the man.
  • Two scenes contradict the above. Both with Branch Rickey and Jackie Robinson. One in the locker room after a manager has called Robinson the ‘N’ word seemingly 900 times. And the other when Robinson is receiving some treatment. Both show men. But because that is not this movie, as good as the scenes are individually, they almost feel out of place.
  • The baseball scenes are too predictable. We know Robinson will do something awesome every time we see baseball.
  • All in all still a good film, but with some obvious flaws. Very entertaining. Somewhat touching, but it could have been better.
  • Final Grade: B-

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