The World’s End

  • the worlds endI have now seen two comedy/dramas about a group of slacker friends and the end of the world. This one is not as funny as This Is the End, but it is better. Quite a bit.
  • Simon Pegg shines as Gary King. His character has one note, one dimension, but that isn’t terrible. It’s what the film demands from the character. It is really the entire purpose. And Pegg captures that dimension as well as any actor could have. He makes the unlikable loser quite likable.
  • Other actors are all fairly nondescript. I thought Martin Freeman as Oliver Chamberlein was the best of the rest, especially since his performance changes when the character changes. But, really, even he isn’t all that special.
  • The climax of the film is rushed. Director Edgar Wright is right to avoid another drawn out melee, but slower build to resolution probably would have benefitted the movie.
  • They might have tarried a bit too long in the set up. I wonder if accelerating the set up would have allowed them to spend a bit more time in the climax?
  • Final Grade: B

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