• It won’t come as a surprise, of course, but this is just not good.
  • Standard revenge movie. Offers nothing new to the formula, except that it tries to be a heist movie at the same time. Never balances the two genres all that well, which might be part of the reason it never feels you’re watching a compelling version of either.
  • Jason Statham is another of those reasons. Bottom line is he’s found his niche and he does it reasonably well-ish. Captures physicality and determination well to very well. Falls short on anything else. When he’s trying to impersonate a southerner, or be vulnerable with the love of his life, or even to show love . . . well, that he doesn’t capture. He’s not precisely bad, but he isn’t good either.
  • Most of the other principles are fine. Lopez and Nolte do their best, but neither is given much with which to play and so neither stands out. Lopez is in the unfortunate position of playing a horribly written character whose motivations never work and then who does something remarkably stupid (in heels no less), something so stupid that no sane human being would make the decision she makes. Lopez’ character, then, is easily the worst in Parker, but that is not Lopez’ fault. She does what she can with what director Taylor Hackford and writer John McGlaughlin give her. They’ve just given her garbage.
  • The film is shot well. The use of lighting to set scene is quite strong.
  • The narrative (such as it is) is also structured well. Keeps the picture moving and offers just enough in the way of exposition/flash backs to make certain we know what’s going on, but never tarries, never gives us more than we need. Never gets bogged down.
  • Those minor strengths do not come close to saving the film. It’s just bad.
  • Final Grade: F

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