X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

X Men Origins

  • Once again, Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) features prominently in a bad movie.
  • Despite Jackman’s best efforts. His performance in X-Men Origins is intense and committed, but he cannot do enough to save the film from over-complicated twists and a serious case of too-many characters.
  • Bolt (Dominic Monaghan), Blob (Kevin Durand), Agent Zero (Daniel Henney), Sabertooth (Liev Schreiber), Stryker (Danny Huston), Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), another telepath (Lynn Collins), Gambit (Taylor Kitsch), Wraith (Will.I.Am.), Professor X (Patrick Stewart), Cyclops (Tim Pocock), and more all appear. None are developed. None make us care.
  • Ditto that for the many complicated twists, at which we cannot guess. Director Gavin Hood and his two writers do not care enough to develop their plot carefully, and so every new development lessens, not increases, our engagement.
  • Apparently, the filmmakers care only about grandiose battle sequences, of which there are many, and most of which are entertaining.
  • Despite some lackluster effects. Wolverine’s claws, especially before his operation, have never looked so fake.
  • Ditto that for Sabertooth’s cat-walk.
  • But worst of all? The supposed relationship between Kayla, the aforementioned telepath, and Wolverine.  Hood and the writers tell us these characters love one another so as to set up their plot, and then assume repeating as much will make us believe. It doesn’t, because the screenplay never invests in their relationship.
  • Outside of Hugh Jackman and some exciting fight sequences (the best being a three man battle between Deadpool, Sabertooth and Wolverine), X-Men Origins fails.
  • Final Grade: F+ 

38 thoughts on “X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

  1. The most depressing thing is that every movie takes us closer to the time where Jackman will inevitably leave the role and we haven’t had a decent solo outing from him yet.

  2. I reviewed this when I just started the blog and I didn’t know how to write a review then, ahah. I remember liking it somewhat but yeah it’s terrible really. The relationship w/ Kayla is so under-developed it’s not even funny. I do like Daniel Henney as Agent Zero tho he’s not given anything to do. He is a very hunky British-Korean actor who I wish get more roles in Hollywood though 😉

    In any case, I think the newer reboot fares better, but only slightly. I was disappointed w/ that as well.

    • I like Daniel Henney, too. He was very good; his character, though, not so much.

      As to the new Wolverine movie … It is a bit better than this one, but I don’t like it either. The studio is just wasting Hugh Jackman.

  3. His solo movies suck. The one released recently…put everyone I went with to sleep. Literally! This one was awful as well from what I can remember. Again, the fact that I remember nothing is saying something. I like to think that I have a good memory!

    • So far his solo movies have been awful. No question. (I think the new one only marginally better than this rubbish.)

      Honestly, only two of the movies in which Jackman features prominently have been good. I don’t blame him for that, at least not as an actor, but given how many of the movies have been bad, it’s amazing that this character continues making the money it does.

  4. This was the worst installment in the franchise. It actually pains me to think that it also has a load of continuity errors. I almost wish they’d revoke its inclusion or something.

  5. Nice review. You know it’s weird, I actually kind of enjoyed this film. I am not sure if it is because my expectations were low after all the hate it received. But I thought it was reasonable mindless fun.

    • Pretty early. Probably when Monaghan was killed. That was when I knew characters were only disposable plot devices, that I didn’t need to care about any of them.

      And Jackman is good here, too. It really is a shame that the X-Men movies keep wasting him.

  6. I had to revisit this film last year for an article I was writing, and it was just as painful as the first time I saw it. My biggest problem with all these X-men related films, even the ones I like, is that they senselessly feel the need to try and tie everything into one big linear story. They are essentially trying to force a bunch of different square pegs into the same round hole. Origins is the worst offender in this regards.

  7. I love that you gave this an F+. Not quite an F, but pretty damn close. Bahaha. I agree though–this movie was a huge letdown. I particularly hated that we’re introduced to all of these potentially cool characters only to have them wiped off one by one. And Deadpool…yeesh. Don’t even get me started. I’ve only recently realized what a huge personality Deadpool is supposed to be, and thinking about how they completely butchered that character…ugh. Maybe they can rectify that if they’re still planning a solo film for him. Nice review, my friend!

    • Thank you. And agreed on all of the mutants – they are naught more than disposable plot devices. Which is a shame – they could have been so much better.

      I don’t know anything about Deadpool. He’s more than this flick makes him, huh? Stunning that. (Read: sarcasm.) And they’re planning on a solo flick? I didn’t know that either. Interesting.

      • Deadpool is actually massively insane and hilarious. I’ve looked into him before out of curiosity. I don’t read comics, but from what I’ve gathered he enjoys tacos, has a mancrush on at least a few superheroes, and likes breaking the fourth wall–like all the time. Honestly, he’s so wacky that he might not even translate well to a live-action film.

  8. Yeah I’m with Cara too. Giving this an F+ is like giving the basketball player who took the final shot in the final game and missed widely a pat on the back and telling him its all going to be okay. (It probably won’t be, but it’s the best you can do considering the circumstances.) In that sense, an F+ is as good as it can get for Origins. I loathed this film and how cheesy and generic it was. Good to see it doesn’t garner much of an impression from you, either. An opinion I very much trust.

    • Had I seen Origins first, I would have wanted to stay away, too. Of course, since The Wolverine is only marginally better, I would have been better off doing so. 🙂

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