The Muppets Most Wanted

  • Muppets Most WantedFunny and clever, The Muppets Most Wanted is a solid follow up to the 2011 prequel.
  • Not least because this  movie can appeal to audiences of all ages. Adults and adolescents will love its acerbic humor. Children will enjoy the music and general story line, not to mention many of its quirky characters.
  • Even if these songs fail to equal those in the 2011 film. They are neither as funny nor as emotionally moving nor as catchy.
  • Similarly, the characters, while never the most important part of a Muppets movie, are not as interesting as those in the previous film. Most Wanted lacks someone like Amy Adams’ Mary or Jason Segel’s Gary, someone who grounds the movie, and thereby keeps it relatable.
  • Moreover, this newer picture basically abandons attempts at character growth. Other than Tina Fey’s Nadya, no one learns meaningful lessons here. Nadya’s growth, of course, is far from life changing.
  • That Most Wanted mostly ignores characterization means it fails to resonate, either emotionally or thematically.
  • Which is not the same as saying it fails. Many moments are laugh out loud funny, including, but not limited to, the final seconds.
  • The celebrity cameos have an Easter Egg feel that could easily facilitate multiple re-watches.
  • The actors, especially Ty Burrell (Jean Pierre Napolean), are spot-on perfect for the film.
  • And so on.
  • Most Wanted is far from great, but it is still entertaining and engaging throughout, which means it warrants a tepid recommendation.
  • Final Grade: C+

6 thoughts on “The Muppets Most Wanted

  1. I was bored during this one and never even had the desire to review it. I loved the original and do not understand why this did not appeal to me. Maybe I was tired…I kept dosing off…

    • Maybe you were tired. Maybe this movie just isn’t as good as the first. Possibly it’s a combination of the two. 🙂

      Regardless, I don’t think Most Wanted great either. It’s entertaining enough, for my money, but it isn’t memorable.

  2. Still haven’t sought out the first Muppets re-make, which, by my understanding, is quite fantastic. Nice review man. Eventually I plan to get to these. I can’t ignore Jim Henson’s classic puppets re-imagined for the silver screen. 🙂

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