The Numbers Station

  • the numbers stationNothing overly special here. Nothing new. But it was entertaining.
  • I wouldn’t say anything really kept me in suspense or that I was ever questioning what was happening. Mostly, probably, because I didn’t care all that much. Film doesn’t try to make you identify with the characters, no matter how hard John Cusack and Malin Ackerman attempt to give them some life. Bottom line: these people barely have personalities, and what they do have is pretty basic.
  • And yet, like I said, the film is entertaining enough. Cusack and Ackerman both do enough to make the film feel worthwhile.
  • The premise is probably far fetched, but so what? That’s true of almost every spy flick.
  • Not great, certainly. But better than many other productions I’ve seen this year.
  • Final Grade: C

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