Planes: Fire and Rescue

Planes Fire and Rescue

  • Though better than the original, Planes: Fire and Rescue is still below average.
  • Thanks to thinly developed characters whose growth, such is it is, is too predictable.
  • The same is true of a plot that delivers zero surprises.
  • Thematic obviousness hurts this second Planes film, as well. Proselytizing is always annoying, even when it is focused on the bravery and virtue of firefighters.
  • Yet, Planes: Fire and Rescue has just enough action and quirky characters to keep younger audiences interested.
  • And just enough humor to prevent older audiences from zoning out, at least on the first viewing.
  • It is also well animated, even if it’s images feel familiar.
  • It could be argued that this film doesn’t want to be anything earth shattering; it just wants to be mindless entertainment. And in that regard, it doesn’t fail.
  • Though it doesn’t entirely succeed either.
  • Final Grade: D+

4 thoughts on “Planes: Fire and Rescue

  1. Heh, what’s happening w/ Pixar. I really thought they’re above this, man Steve Jobs might’ve been squirming in his grave! “thinly developed characters…” Heh, it’s a bummer coming from a studio that brought us such amazing animated characters from Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Incredibles, etc. 😦

    • Definitely a bummer that these Planes flicks aren’t better. But they are also made by an off-shoot of Pixar/Disney, called, I believe, Disneytoons. John Lasseter, for example, still is credited as Executive Producer, but it’s hard to know how heavily involved he actually is.

      Whatever the case. The movies aren’t good.

  2. I’m not one to point out spelling mistakes as I have made them as well…but I totally got a laugh out of “Fire and Resuce” and I’m not even sure why! I skipped the first one and I’ll be skipping this one. Predictable and boring animated flicks do not work for me!

    • Then, this one really won’t work! You can happily skip it – it isn’t good.

      And I will have to hunt down that mistake and fix it. Thanks for pointing it out!

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