Now You See Me

now you see me

  • This one is flawed. Very. Plot is gaping. (How was Ruffalo’s character able to predict everything the Four Horseman would do? Aren’t there a lot of variables outside of his control? Where did he get the money with which to fund all of these activities? And more.)
  • Characters are too thin. Twists are too veiled and hidden, meaning the viewer cannot logically guess at them.
  • There was reason to think the mysterious, deceased Shrike was the 5th horseman. Or even the French woman. But not so much Ruffalo. All there was to think about him, really, was that he was completely incompetent as an FBI Agent, and there is therefore no way he could have built such a strong career in the bureau.
  • The four horsemen are easily the most interesting part of this movie, but they are too often pushed to the background.
  • For all of that, the performances are still gamely solid.
  • The script is at times funny.
  • And the mystery is engaging enough to more or less hold attention.
  • Still, a part of me wants to make Now You See Me what I want it to be. Make Ruffalo the peripheral character, not the star. Make the Four Horseman the leads. Make it the Robin Hood heist movie they billed it as.
  • Final Grade: D+

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