Machete Kills

Machete Kills

  • It goes without saying that Machete Kills is narratively bad. Check that. It’s awful. Women are nothing more than sexy objects, men are nothing more than walking bottles of killing, and the story is needlessly meandering and terribly overdone.
  • Of course, that’s the point. Director Robert Rodriguez is not trying to make a quality film. He’s trying to make a homage, a spoof, a comedy that is so over-the-top we can’t help but laugh at it. He succeeds at times, but the movie loses energy and appeal the longer it gets.
  • Probably because Machete Kills is no longer novel, stylistically or conceptually. We have seen this movie before, when Rodriquez and Tarrantino released Grindhouse (2007) and again when Rodriguez gave us the original Machete (2010). We have even seen this character (Danny Trejo’s Machete) before. Machete Kills doesn’t add anything; it just gives us similar jokes, effects, plot contrivances, and fanboy one liners, which means it grows more tired with each passing minute.
  • That is not to say that Machete Kills doesn’t accomplish its prime objectives. It wants to be bad, and it is. Very. It wants to be funny and at times is. It wants to be violent and gory, and it is.
  • It is just to say that there is little reason to see this movie, unless you are a devoted fan of Trejo’s, Rodriguez’ or old exploitation movies in general.
  • Machete Kills is made well, stylistically speaking. The actors do more or less what they’re supposed to do, and the only obvious mistake is the unnecessary Chameleon subplot, the only purpose of which seems to be squeezing as many recognizable faces into the cast as possible.
  • Because Rodriguez has already made this film, I cannot recommend it, at least not for most viewers.
  • Final Grade: D+

4 thoughts on “Machete Kills

  1. Yes, it is a very dumb movie, but knowing Rodriguez, you almost have to come and expect that no matter what. Then again, he doesn’t do his flicks any justice by over-loading them to the point of incoherence with so many subplots, characters, and random tangents he follows through on. Good review.

    • Thanks. And agreed. This is precisely what anyone would predict it’s going to be. I’ve just seen it before, at this point.

      I hope Rodriquez starts doing something new soon. He’s made three of these already. Does he need to make a fourth? (I guess that all depends how much this one makes in the secondary rental and for purchase markets.)

      • Well, he has Sin City 2 on his plate next, but who knows what’s next after that. I’m getting tired of these unnecessary sequels of his. I want more original stuff from him, because I feel like he could really do some new stuff if he had the inspiration.

      • I didn’t know there was going to be a Sin City 2. I’ll reserve judgement until (or if) I see it, but generally I agree. He is a talented filmmaker and could make some new, good material if he were so inclined.

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