Grand Piano

Grand Piano

  • Silly. Preposterous. Ridiculous.
  • Such is Grand Piano’s plot. Yet, the film doesn’t fail, mostly because it is effective B-movie fluff.
  • Make no mistake, though. Grand Piano’s on screen events are implausible, if not impossible.
  • A classical pianist playing difficult movements while afraid for his life and carrying complicated conversations with the man threatening him? Evidently, it’s not that hard.
  • An audience, which has presumably paid great sums of money to hear this concert, not caring when said pianist repeatedly storms off stage? Absolutely.
  • The same pianist playing complex music one-handed while typing a text message, unseen no less, with the other hand? Not even challenging.
  • And worse? Yes. Pretty much anything is possible, if we consider this movie instructional.
  • The plot, in other words, is foolish enough that Grand Piano should be unable to overcome it. But it isn’t, at least not entirely.
  • Partially because of the actors. Elijah Wood (Tom Selznick), Kerry  Bishe (Emma Selznick), Alex Winter (the Assistant) and John Cusack (Clem) each energize the picture with sufficient seriousness.
  • In making several interesting directorial decisions, not the least of which are compelling and unconventional camera angles, Eugenio Mira helps as well.
  • Perhaps Mira’s most effecitve decision is the arc shots that frequently circle objects and people, creating in the audience a sense that Clem (Cusack) sees everything, from every angle. It is the same feeling Tom (Wood) must confront.
  • Between the director and actors, in other words, Grand Piano is imminently watchable and plenty entertaining.
  • Even if it is far from classic cinema.
  • Final Grade: C+

15 thoughts on “Grand Piano

  1. Watched this a few nights ago, but not looking forward to reviewing it. It got great reception, and I was expecting so much more from it. I mean, it is decent, but not great. Exactly what you said pretty much. Good performances, but a dull and nonsensical story.

  2. I know very little about this one to be honest and haven’t been all that keen on reading a stockpile of reviews for it. I’m not against either the nonsensical story or any of the actors. It’s just something that probably won’t register on my radar at all.

    No. Instead. . .I am focusing on something MUCH more important. Like Need for Speed this upcoming weekend. Ha!!!

    • There’s a good chance I’ll see Need for Speed at some point, too.

      And while I think Grand Piano watchable enough to tepidly recommend it, I wouldn’t suggest you ought hurry to see it. It is entertaining, but I don’t consider it memorable.

  3. I somehow haven’t heard anything about this film! Nice review, even if it doesn’t put in in any particular rush to hunt this down 🙂

    • Thanks. And it’s not worth rushing to see, but if you get the chance some night when it’s starting on HBO or some other network, it is entertaining enough that you needn’t run away from it either.

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