We’re the Millers

  • we're the millersSome laugh out loud funny moments that are close to brilliant. Some jokes (the spider bitten scrotum being one) are played too long and eventually fall flat.
  • Characters don’t have much development. Plot is pretty formulaic.
  • Which could have been fine, if the emotion had still hit the right balance. It didn’t. Felt forced. Felt like we were being told to feel for these individuals. Now. Like right now. You have to feel. Feel now.
  • For all of that, it’s still pretty interesting entertainment. The actors do their parts well (especially Ed Helms as Brad and Nick Offerman as Don).
  • But the development of this unit’s family relationship never really feels like its being developed. It feels like its being forced as the inevitable lead into a fait accompli.
  • Final Grade: C-

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