Anchorman (2004)


  • Anchorman works as a satirical criticism of local television.
  • Partially because it’s also farcical, meaning it gets away with terrible character development, an uneven plot and some serious sexism.
  • Mostly it works because it is absolutely hilarious. Seriously, Jack Black, in the best of the film’s cameos, punting a dog off of a bridge into a river should not be funny. But here; here it is. Ditto that for Will Ferrell saying things like, “By Zeus’ beard.” And a gang fight between rival news teams. And so forth.
  • Certainly not intellectual and equally unsophisticated.
  • The second half is rushed, even for a satirical farce. Burgundy’s (Will Ferrell) fall from grace is handled hilariously, but his redemption is less skillfully developed.
  • Ditto that for the resolution between Burgundy and Corningstone (Christina Applegate).
  • The epilogue is unnecessary, and only serves to punch the viewer with resolution.
  • But this comedy is skillfully made. It isn’t quite exceptional, but it is far from bad all the same.
  • Final Grade: B+

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