Girl Most Likely

the girl most likely

  • The best part of this film was Annette Benning’s Zelda. Not because the character was all that well crafted; she wasn’t. Like everyone else, save Darren Criss’s Lee, she was too stupid to be believable, but because the script doesn’t make the same mistake The Way, Way Back makes with Trent. That is, Zelda is not purely detestable. We can understand, easily enough, why Kristen Wiig’s Imogene hates her, but we don’t necessarily feel the same way.
  • Unfortunately, that is the only good thing I can say about this one. Well, that and the performances, I suppose. All of the actors do their absolute best to make something out of nothing. There just isn’t much they can do with the material.
  • The plot is preposterous, centering mostly on a dead not dead father. It falls flat, completely and totally.
  • Wiig’s Imogene, despite Wiig’s best efforts, is an unlikable misanthrope whose emotional growth is hard to care about.
  • The Bouche fails in every way. Entirely. The failure of this character is all the greater by the twist at the end. A twist that feels like it belongs in a different movie. No that’s not fair. It doesn’t belong. Period. In any movie. Ever.
  • The film has a handful of entertaining/funny moments, but for the most part, it just fails.
  • Final Grade: F+

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