• Actors were spectacular. All of them. Billy Connolly as Wilf, stood out for me. So did Maggie Smith as Jean.
  • Script was very predictable. From the beginning. No new ground broken here.
  • Some very clever dialogue moments.
  • I question some of Dustin Hoffman’s directorial decisions. Tarried in the set up for a very long time. Then montaged the quartet’s training (which might have been fine) and skipped the finale. Probably because actors are not up to singing parts. But the whole film built to these four people singing together. We needed to see it.
  • End credits showed real life musicians who were in the film, and the job they had done when younger. I liked that.
  • Liked how humanely it showed getting older. Didn’t make it a farce. Kept it real. Not necessarily well developed characters, but the characters were still people first, not old people.
  • Some funny moments. Some good music. Really liked the scene with Reginald and the hip-hop loving kids. All the way through. Liked the way the scene ended, with Reginald and Jean seeing each other for the first time.
  • Final Grade: C

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