Warm Bodies

warm bodies

  • Clever twist on Romeo and Juliet. Equally clever twist on zombie genre.
  • Doesn’t make much internal sense. But that doesn’t matter. The film pulls it off.
  • Hoult is fantastic as R. So is Rob Gourdry as M. Teresa Palmer is very good as Julie.
  • John Malkovich is fine as Grigio. But the character is the film’s weakest. Takes too long to adjust to a new reality. His hardness isn’t entirely believable. Though it isn’t entirely unbelievable either.
  • Early on, film suffers from a break in Julie’s character when she cowers in fear of R. She is not the cowering type. They fix this mistake quickly, but the memory of it lingered for me.
  • Visual effects hurt this one. Bonies are not scary. At all. Beating hearts in the zombies are overkill (we already know what was going on). Ditto that for showing R’s eyes change.
  • Soundtrack is brilliant. Every song was played at just the right moment. And the one song that would have been a mistake (Pretty Woman) is played up in the script and facilitates one of the movie’s funniest scenes.
  • Final Grade: B

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