You’re Next

  • you're nextAs said in my review of The Conjuring . . . I don’t like horror films. Unlike The Conjuring, this one did not break through my pre-built barriers.
  • Sharni Vinson offers a compelling performance and might have been able to produce an equally interesting character if the script and director had just gotten out of her way. But they don’t. Even worse, they actively road block her. When the attack first starts, Erin tries to take command and clearly has strong advice, but no one listens. Okay. She’s the outsider and they don’t know anything about her. Why would they listen? Alright. I’ll set that aside. But then, suddenly, she goes all googly-eyed girlfriend, not even protesting when her boyfriend does something stupid. Just begging him to please come back. Then he goes and she becomes hard-edged take-charge leader again, and she’s awesome. There is no conclusion other than . . . having her become a googly-eyed girlfriend, even for a moment, is a break in character, and a bad one, which left a rancid taste the rest of the film could never undo.
  • The rest of the actors and characters are almost non-existent, save for Barbara Crampton as Aubrey, the mom. Her part is small, her presence minimal, but she does fine work.
  • The plot is riddled with holes, many of them, most of them glaring, but for some reason I’ll choose not spoil them.
  • It’s not that I wasn’t entertained, but it is that I kept reverting to . . . this could be so much better if they didn’t have people do obscenely stupid things just to speed into the next episode of gore.
  • Final Grade: D-

2 thoughts on “You’re Next

  1. I can understand your frustration with Erin as she acts all googly eyed one moment and bad ass the next, but I thought she was always remained bad ass. She doesn’t protest her boyfriend because in my opinion she’s a girl and girls have those googly eyed feelings for a guy they really like. Yeah if you are not a fan of this genre. You will hate this movie. For the horror hounds out there, watch this.

    • I hear what you’re saying, but I don’t buy that argument. Strong-willed women like Erin, in my experience, do not placidly stand by while their boyfriend does something immensely stupid, especially something so stupid that it’s almost certain to get him killed, no matter how much they like him. Especially not when said strong-willed woman is the boyfriend’s best shot at survival.

      Seems to me the only reason the script has Erin go googly-eyed is much more basic: the writers need to get Crispian out of the house so they can save their biggest reveal for the very end of the movie. That scene is not fueled by character. It is fueled by plot, and treats the characters as obstacles in the way of telling the story it wants to tell.

      You’re right about the last point, though. I am definitely not You’re Next’s intended audience.

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