The Call

the call

  • I am unconvinced that a 911 operator who probably got a girl killed would be made a teacher of future operators.
  • I am also mildly unconvinced that her role in getting the girl killed would not have been leaked to the public. 911 calls get leaked all of the time. How? Why? Maybe this one would have avoided it, I suppose.
  • Even still, the movie, for the first 2/3 (at least) is quite suspenseful and a fun ride. Berry is terrific. So is Breslan. Imperiorli’s appearance was fine, though probably unnecessary.
  • They managed to make the telephone call, which lasts at least half the film, riveting. Great filmmaking.
  • Really like how they never bothered with exposition for Michael’s psychosis. They showed it to us well – no need to tell it also.
  • Then, in the final third, the film gets a bit odd. Police apparently don’t search the grounds when looking for an abducted teenage girl. They look at the house, but nearby there’s a hidden, underground bunker that they never catch glimpse of. Why?
  • Even still, I’m loving the film, despite this flaw. I’m enjoying it when Berry’s Jordan and Breslin’s Casey fight off Eklund’s psychopathic Michael.
  • But then they have the final scene, a shot that breaks Berry’s character in all of the ways we have come to know her. It also stretches our belief as to Casey’s character. This final scene is too direct, too conclusive. I might have been able to accept it had the scene been more ambiguous, though – truthfully – I still wouldn’t have liked it, but as is . . . not buying it. Final scene is so bad the film loses at least a full letter grade. Maybe more.
  • Final Grade: C

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