Monster’s University

  • monsters universityGood, if overly simplistic and not overly new, prequel.
  • Characters here are well drafted, though not as well as in Monster’s Inc. That Mike and Sully aren’t, in fact, all that nice or kind is an interesting twist for a kid’s movie.
  • I love that Mike doesn’t accomplish his dream here. And that Sully has to learn to work hard to accomplish his; that neither finds a work around after the competition. That failure is real, that what you want isn’t always what you get. These are things we rarely say to children.  They said it and they said it creatively.
  • Film is stunningly beautiful. The animation stunningly realized.
  • But, in the end, the prequel doesn’t offer any big additions to the world of Monter’s Inc. It’s fairly boilerplate, hitting the notes it needed to hit but not going beyond them.
  • Final Grade: C+

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