A Dark Truth

a dark truth

  • This is not good. It’s preachy and dull. Worse, in its preachiness, it never does more than scratch the surface of the issue. Privatizing water in third world countries is bad. Okay. I doubt many would disagree with that. If you want to make a message movie, you need to investigate the message more deeply.
  • Characters are non-existent, but the names are said frequently enough that I remember one or two of them. Andy Garcia is fine as the hero Jack, just as Forest Whitaker is fine as Francisco Francis. Eva Longoria does what she can with the role she is given, Francisco’s wife. But while the actors do their best, the script offers them nothing much with which to work. Dialogue is often clumsy. And the characters are sketches meant to do little more than fulfill the plot
  • A plot that isn’t even interesting. Why did Kevin Durand’s hired killer decide to help Jack? We don’t know. It makes little sense. And could the corporate big wigs be any more sinister and evil? Of course not. Why is Jack’s kid not eating? Why is his wife unhappy in their current living situation? Why is Jack not more involved with his family? So many threads that needn’t be there.
  • The action is not compelling either. It is, at times, hard to follow, and even when you can follow it, it’s one of those flicks in which the good guys are exceptional and the bad guys incompetent at doing anything that involves anything.
  • Simply, this is a bad film. The end.
  • Final Grade: F-

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