Identity Thief

  • identity thiefTerrible. Just terrible. McCarthy does her finest. Tries to carry the film. For that matter, Bateman does his best, too. Both are fine actors, but the script gives them nothing. Ultimately, just a long line of “let’s make fun of the fat girl” gags.
  • Bateman’s Sandy is a terribly written character. There is nothing likeable about him, really. He’s gullible. And mean. But supposed to be the moral compass. No.
  • McCarthy’s character is worse. Much. Heart of gold. But she’ll screw over anyone just to feel liked. What? Those two things don’t go together. And you didn’t develop the change.
  • Eric Stonestreet appears. I was disappointed. Not in him. He’s funny enough. But in the script. Now they get to make fun of two fat people at the same time. So clever.
  • The “growth” in this “character driven” film is so predictable as to be neither growth nor character.
  • Just terrible. The 21% approval rating, as of my viewing, on Rotten Tomatoes is way too high.
  • Final Grade: F-

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