This Is the End

this is the end

  • Quite funny. No one actor stands out as being more funny than any other, but put together, they make a comedic piece.
  • Special effects didn’t do much for me. The devils never felt scary, really, at any point.
  • Spoof on Exorcism was great.
  • Sequel to Pineapple Express was fantastic.
  • End with the Backstreet Boys was terrific.
  • Emma Watson’s bit was clever.
  • When the film tried to get semi-serious and offer emotion, it lost a step. The actors never pulled it off.
  • The resolution of getting pulled up to heaven after one selfless act seemed forced, probably because each time it happened it was just a touch too predictable.
  • All in all, a good, not great, comedy.
  • Final Grade: B-

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