• Very, and I mean, very ambitious. It was satire. It was a romantic comedy. It was coming of age. It was dramedy. It was a look at the sacrifices parents make for their children. And the sacrfices they don’t.  And how those choices affect the kids. It was . . . so much.
  • Or it was trying to be so much all at once, but it didn’t necessarily find its identity.
  • Rudd was his usual, fun self. Nothing special, but he has a canny charisma for the camera.
  • My favorite actor in this one was Nat Wolf, the boy who plays Jeremiah (i.e. Fey’s would be long-lost son). He was quirky and charming and just a little weird. Exactly what the role demanded.
  • My least favorite actor was Fey. She tried to carry a more emotional role and didn’t always pull it off. Not that she was bad. Just that she didn’t make me feel.
  • For all of its over-ambition, this was a clever picture. Yes it was ambitious. Yes it had a bit of an identity problem, but in that way I’m not sure it was all that dissimilar from Safety Not Guaranteed from 2012. Because its characters are not as well developed and its lead does not offer as strong a performance, Admission isn’t as good as Safety Not Guaranteed, not even close, but it’s still good. I’m stunned at its low rating on Rotten Tomatoes. I might have expected something closer to 75%.
  • Final Grade: B-

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