Star Trek: Into Darkness

  • star trek into darknessNot great. Not even particularly good. But exciting enough to hold attention.
  • Some really dumb plot contrivances. Putting the Enterprise under water. Pretending Kirk was actually going to die. Trying to make us think Kahn wasn’t the “villain.” Building a super powerful military complex and then having Scotty be able to fly right into it without being questioned or stopped. And so forth.
  • Tried to make characters work. Tried to show us Kirk, Scotty and Spock develop. Some interesting moments for or between these characters.
  • Well acted.
  • Well filmed in that, unlike Man of Steel, you could always follow the action even when characters were moving super quickly.
  • An entertaining, but flawed action flick that would have done well to avoid the conveniences of “we need this to happen in order to tell the story we want” plot holes.
  • Final Grade: C

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