Escape From Planet Earth

Escape From Planet Earth

  • I have seen this movie before. Or rather, I have previously seen these movies, just never put together, all in one script and never on one screen.
  • Brendan Fraser plays Buzz Lightyear as well as Tim Allen, even if the character is named Scorch Supernova now. Sarah Jessica Parker’s version of Helen Parr isn’t quite as memorable as Holly Hunter’s, but that might be partially because this time the character doesn’t have super powers.
  • I could continue, but I’ve already made the point; Escape From Planet Earth is derivative of several films come before and isn’t as good as most of them.
  • Partially because none of these characters are the least bit complex and the plot is entirely predictable.
  • It’s familiarity, simplistic characters and telegraphed plot all keep Escape From Tomorrow from being memorable.
  • But that is not to say the feature is bad. It is well animated, with striking landscapes, fascinating creatures and vibrant colors, meaning it is never less than visually impressive.
  • The voice cast is generally good. William Shatner and the aforementioned Fraser stand out, and no one else is bad, even if they don’t make much of an impression.
  • The plot, while predictable, is always interesting enough that the film manages to maintain attention.
  • Finally, there are enough pop culture references to hold an adult’s attention, at least for one viewing. Just as there’s enough slapstick humor and action to captivate the pre-teens to which the movie is targeted.In that way, Escape From Tomorrow is almost as far from being a complete failure as it is from being special.
  • Final Grade: C-

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