The Heat

the heat

  • Very, very funny.
  • McCarthy and Bullock are both fantastic, in their own way. This is a good odd couple buddy flick, offering mild insight into each character and developing a semi-interesting plot.
  • Brings me to the main weakness. Writing. McCarthy’s character isn’t developed well enough. The actor isn’t given enough on which to chew or enough to do. And the plot is riddled with holes, namely that these two women are not investigators, skilled or otherwise. They are bullies, who would never be commended – they would be put in prison. Their antics test belief too far to hold suspension.
  • And yet I barely cared about the first flaw in the writing and was only mariginally concerned with the second. Why? The flick is hilarious, and it keeps the laughs coming at such a steady pace as to be continuously enjoyable.
  • Could have done without Bullock stabbing someone in the throat. It’s more disgusting than the film needs. And is a huge plot hole – she faces no consequence for the action. In real life, she would have been sued by, at the very least, the victim. And she almost certainly would have been fired.
  • Not as good as Bridesmaids, which Feig also directed, but still very good.
  • Final Grade: B

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