Oz the Great and Powerful

oz the great powerful

  • Amazing visual effects. (If sometimes a little heavy on them.) A terrific score (typical for a film scored by Danny Elfman).
  • Best use of 3D I have seen yet. Even better than Life of Pi, though not by much.
  • Franco and Kulis not up to the task. Especially Franco. Too reliant on a toothy grin. Not much else going on there. Kulis played Theodora and the Wicked Witch of the West so differently that it was hard to believe they were the same person even though we knew they were.
  • In the script, Theodora’s move to Wicked Witch was rushed. Hard to believe.
  • Suspense of whether or not Oz was betraying the people felt forced and cliché. We knew he wasn’t leaving, if we had any background in the land of Oz (and I have very little). So pretending that he might leave fell flat. Probably because the performances, most especially Franco’s, didn’t sell it.
  • Film lacked characters. Never really packed an emotional punch. It tried with the china doll character, but that never worked for me either. Though the visual effects around the doll were terrific.
  • Best performer: Michelle Williams as Glinda. Second best performer: Rachel Weisz as Evanora. Best scenes: Evanora torturing Glinda and Glinda and Evanora’s climatic fight at end. Not coincidentally, both scenes lacked Franco and Kulis.
  • Final Grade: D

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