Dead Man Down

Dead Man Down

  • I am generally verbose. But, honestly, I don’t have much to say about this Colin Farrell vehicle.
  • Dead Man Down is watchable, but certainly far from good.
  • The plot twists are silly, stupid even, especially the one hinging on Victor (Farrell) asking Beatrice (Noomi Rapace) to help him with one of the most important steps in his complex plan for revenge.
  • Also frustrating: the fact that Beatrice gets kidnapped and must be rescued by the gallant male in whom she should never be interested. Gee. No revenge movie ever uses such ‘twists.’ (And by ‘No’ I mean ‘Every.’)
  • The actors all do their best to keep things light, simple, entertaining. They’re not trying to deliver anything emotionally memorable, which is good, because they don’t.
  • There are only two major action sequences, but both are choreographed, filmed and edited well.
  • Dead Man Down’s principle theme is that revenge is rife with emotional consequence. Thematically, this movie doesn’t celebrate revenge, which is an interesting idea given its genre.
  • An idea that would have been all the more interesting if Dead Man Down had had the courage to skip genre cliches and have its protagonist actually walk away from his plot, like it often hints it might.
  • The characters are all underdeveloped, a fact that proves problematic given Dead Man Down’s silly plot line.
  • The lighting is solid, as is the score. Both are heavy handed, and often draw attention to themselves, but it works for this movie.
  • Do I recommend Dead Man Down? No. But do I think it a complete failure? Also no.
  • That’s about as positive as I can be.
  • Final Grade: D-

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