World War Z

world war z

  • One of the better zombie movies I have seen. Doesn’t focus on zombies as much as it does on the hunt for a cure.
  • Frenetic zombies with some ability to think harken back to I Am Legend or 28 Days Later. But they aren’t really the THING in this flick, so it never feels like a prelude to either of those films.
  • This one has opportunity for real emotion, but opts to skip over it more often than not. When Pitt’s family is removed from the boat, for example, they could have shown some actual human feeling, but they opt not to. That’s a bit of a cop out. I would have preferred they let me see the turmoil for the people.
  • To wit, there are not really characters in this one. Even Pitt’s Gerry Lane or Daniela Kertesz’s Segen (the two characters with whom we spend the most time on the hunt for a cure) are only roughly drawn. Segen is hard and harsh, a true soldier, willing to do what it takes to be effective. Gerry is intelligent and creative, able to process information quickly by staying calm even in the face of utter turmoil. Other than that, however, the characterizations are flimsy. Same is even more true of Pitt’s wife, Mireille Enos’ Karin Lane.
  • And yet the plot is intriguing enough, the answers to the questions interesting enough, the sequences suspenseful enough that the lack of characters doesn’t bother me all that much.
  • Love how they film this. Hand held cameras work, mostly because they never fail to keep track of the action. Never a point at which I was confused as to what was happening.
  • They throw out the breadcrumbs in such a way that Gerry’s conclusion seems totally natural but somehow not obvious. Compellingly written mystery investigation.
  • I enjoyed this one a lot.
  • Final Grade: B

2 thoughts on “World War Z

  1. Hmm a zombie movie that doesn’t focus on much on the zombies should not be called a zombie movie. I will agree that this one had the chance to offer some real emotion, but doesn’t. The hand held camera work did nothing for me except get me to fall asleep when watching this.

    • Normally I don’t much like hand-held cameras much either. Drove me nuts in the Bourne movies, amongst others, for example. But I take each film case by case, and in World War Z I think it was the perfect method. Created, in my opinion, a sense of point of view and crazed investigation that never had time to carefully consider facts. Which is exactly what the plot was all about, meaning the camera work helped give us the same experience as Gerry and Segen.

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