An Inglorious but Successful Return

After a long hiatus, I have finally added some reviews, all of them of 2014 releases:

The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars

Grade: B-Plus

X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men Days of Future Past

Grade: B

Edge of Tomorrow

edge of tomorrow

Grade: B-Plus



Grade: B



Grade: D

I know it has been a very long time since I’ve visited any of the other sites in movie blogville; I promise to stop by soon.

41 thoughts on “An Inglorious but Successful Return

    • Thank you.

      And I am. Just busy preparing for some life changes (going back to work full time next year). And also watching copious amounts if baseball. 🙂

    • Thanks.

      I have been trying to maximize the time I spend with the guys now that I only have a few more months at home with them. So I haven’t been seeing many movies, which has kept me away from the blog.

  1. Welcome back Josh! Haven’t seen Maleficent yet but not all that interested now, maybe a rental at some point. Hope to see you around the blogosphere 😉

    • I hope so too! I will be dropping by your site sometime this week, and will catch up on much of what I’ve missed. 🙂

      Jolie is very good in Maleficent. But the rest? Blah.

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  3. Haha what’s up Josh. Sorry I’m a little late to the return party, but yes indeed. Welcome back, if even briefly before you go again. (I understand how you are with baseball, the tail end of the basketball season recently had me tied up watching that all of the time. I’ve been watching my stats drop precipitously since! 🙂 )

    • I have decided to simply ignore my stats. I don’t want to know anymore. 🙂

      And no worries on coming around late, or whatever. Just thanks for coming around at all.

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