Meanwhile, Away From the Festival . . .

I have added the following reviews of 2014 releases:

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain American Winter Soldier

Grade: B+

(I was half tempted to change the film’s name to Black Widow: The Winter Soldier, but I decided to keep my pithy opinions private. Well. Almost.)


Alan Partridge

Alan Partridge

Grade: B

7 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Away From the Festival . . .

  1. Hey Josh, glad you finally caught The Winter Soldier. I was hoping you’d give it an A but I guess B+ is not bad 🙂 I’ll give it a read in a bit.

    • A misstep here or there prevents the A. But B+ is the second highest grade I’d give any movie in the Marcel Franchise. I’d give The Avengers an A-minus. The Winter Soldier is my favorite of the solo movies, I think.

      • Yay! Glad to see you rate this one as the fave solo Marvel movie, mine too. I think we’ve established that I’m more generous in grading movies, ahah. Btw, your MSPIFF reviews will be up shortly.

      • Oh and the only solo outing I might like more than The Winter Soldier, maybe, is the first Captain America. So I’m also with you that his are currently my favorite Marvel movies.

      • Oh yeah, the first Captain America will always hold a special place for me, I just love love that movie and the retro style. It also has a lot of humor (courtesy of Tommy Lee Jones) and a lot of heart as well. In fact, I probably put both the 1st and 2nd movie as my two favorite Marvel standalone movies, the rest are fun but not as special to me.

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