MSPIFF and Flixchatter

There are many great people participating in Movie Blogville, and I am fortunate to live in the same city as one of them.

Press Pass

Courtesy of Ruth, I will be covering The Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival for the next two weeks. On behalf of Flixchatter, where my reviews will first appear, I will see no less than a dozen of the festival’s offerings, including, but obviously not limited to, Joe (USA), Mystery Road (Australia) and The Double (UK).

Which means I owe Ruth public and sincere acknowledgement. Ruth, you’re awesome! Thank you for securing the Press Badge and for making me part of the Flixchatter crew; I am excited to see Intruders (South Korea) later tonight, and all of the other movies that come after it. Thank you again!


41 thoughts on “MSPIFF and Flixchatter

  1. Jealous you get to see The Double – that’s not even getting released here! (It is in Australia, just not in my city) Hope you like Mystery Road as much as I did!

    • Me too! You ‘re the reason it’s one of the three for which I’m most excited. 🙂

      The Double is one of the last I’ll be catching – hopefully it is as good as I think it could be. 🙂

    • I am enjoying it so far. I’ve seen Intruders (from South Korea), Joe and a Swedish flick called Hotell. None of them are bad. The first two are very good.

      Looking forward to the rest of the fest. 🙂

      I’ll link to the reviews soon (probably tomorrow).

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