Revisiting Yesteryear

I have added several reviews to the Yesteryear section. First, I recently participated in two Cinema Parrot Disco blog series: the IMDB TOP 250 and the John Hughes Blogathon. Both series are entertaining and informative, and I was thrilled to be included in them.

Apocalypse Now (1979)

apocalypse now

Grade: B-

Mr. Mom (1983)

Mr. Mom

Grade: B-

Furthermore, I participated in MovieRob’s Genre Grandeur, another terrific series, if only because this one highlights many great thrillers. I recommend checking it out, as well.

Rear Window (1954)

Rear Window

Grade: A

Finally, I added this review:

The King of Comedy (1983)

The King of Comedy

Grade: A

16 thoughts on “Revisiting Yesteryear

  1. Very nice Josh! I haven’t seen any of these [gasp!] I’ve been meaning to check out Rear Window for ages as my pal Keith loved it so much. Sounds like you’d highly recommend that one, too! I like Keaton but for some reason haven’t seen Mr Mom, I did like him in the comedy Multiplicity so I’ll definitely check it out!

    • Sorry, Chris, for the delayed response. Somehow I missed this comment. Agreed on The King of Comedy. I think it might be a Scorcese’s best. I put off Apocalypse Now for a long time, too, for whatever reason.

    • And it’s filmmaking technique is exceptional. A B-minus says I think the film accomplishes its objectives and is still high quality.

      But it also says I think the movie includes some flaws. Here, like I argue in the larger review, I think the narrative missteps hold back the movie and prevent it from having the sort of emotional impact it might have produced.

  2. Bravo! Some real goodies on here. Love to hear how much you like Rear Window! It’s such a great film from start to finish, both creatively and narratively. I adore that movie. Mr. Mom brings back a few memories there, lol.

    Apocalypse Now is an interesting one. It is heralded as a classic but I’m one of the few who see it as terribly overrated. For me it is a movie with a handful of great scenes but as a whole it doesn’t work nearly as well. But I am in the minority there.

    • I’m with you on Apocalypse Now. It is brilliantly made, and a faithful adaptation of Heart of Darkness, but its narrative is flawed enough that it doesn’t have the emotional impact it could have had.

      And, obviously, agreed on Rear Window. Such a great flick.

    • The King of Comedy is on my shortlist for Top Scorcese ever, with Goodfellas and The Wolf of Wall Street.

      As I explain in the larger review, I think Apocalypse Now quite good, but flawed enough that it doesn’t have the sort of emotional impact it could have had.

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