Artists at Work

I have added the following reviews:

The Wind Rises (2013)

The Wind Rises

Grade: B

Grand Piano (2014)

Grand Piano

Grade: C+

17 thoughts on “Artists at Work

  1. These are a couple if movies that I just can’t get really excited about. I get the whole Miyazaki final movie thing but I have such a resistance to the anime art style. It’s hard to explain.

    • Interesting. I might have guessed you’d be a Miyazaki fan. The Wind Rises is good and earns my recommendation, but if wouldn’t go so far as to call it essential viewing.

      Grand Piano has nothing that makes it must-see either. It’s entertaining enough, but definitely not memorable, really.

      • I really feel as if I’m missing out on some great storytelling. I just really dislike that art style. It’s weird I know but it’s an obstacle I haven’t been able to get past.

      • I feel/felt the same way, Keith. Anime was never my cup of tea. This movie is a whole lot different, though. it’s nowhere near as exaggeratory and hectic as most anime movies/shows that we think about. This is a deliberately paced and exquisitely animated movie that does feature a few tropes, but on the whole this is something entirely new. I’d encourage a rental at some point. 🙂

  2. The trailer for Grand Piano looked super intense but I have no desire to see it. Your rating for it isn’t exactly encouraging, ahah. As for The Wind Rises, I’m very curious to see that one, but more as a rental.

    • Grand Piano is pretty intense and very watchable. Its plot is terribly stupid, but it manages to be entertaining anyway.

      And The Wind Rises will be fine as a rental. Plus, it seems to have already left the Landmark cinemas. I doubt any other local theaters pick it up.

    • The Grand Piano doesn’t necessitate rushed viewing. If you get the chance to see it, though, it is quite watchable.

      Hope you’re able to catch The Wind Rises at some point – it isn’t Miyazaki’s best, but it is good.

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