Rounding Out 2013, Part 2

I have added the following reviews:

Big Bad Wolves

Big Bad Wolves

Grade: B+

The Great Beauty

The Great Beauty

Grade: C+



Grade: B

The latter two are nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar, which means I have now seen four of the five nominees. As I still haven’t seen The Missing Picture, I am not quite ready to declare The Hunt the deserved victor. But I will say the Academy should have nominated Wadjda.

16 thoughts on “Rounding Out 2013, Part 2

  1. I was initially intrigued by Great Beauty but now I’m very curious about OMAR, haven’t even heard of that one. Nice roundup, Josh!

    • Mine, too. In my never humble opinion, the next best nominee is Broken Circle Breakdown. Then Omar. The Great Beauty is definitely the worst; I cannot understand how it generated a nomination, much less a victory, not when Wadjda was also under consideration.

      • I’ve seen Broken Circle Breakdown has appeared on Amazon Instant so will probably give that one a try next. Interesting to hear your views on The Great Beauty. I’ll definitely keep a look out for that one and Wadjda so I can catch up.

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