Rounding Out 2013, Part 1

I have added the following reviews of 2013 releases:

We Are What We Are

We Are What We Are

Grade: B+

Best Man Down

Best Man Down

Grade: C

The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete

The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete

Grade: B+

19 thoughts on “Rounding Out 2013, Part 1

  1. How is it I didn’t know you name was Josh? I’ve been calling you James since I “met” you. Duh. Obviously your last name. I have student at school I call Scott all day long and he finally brought it to my attention it was his last name. I’m so bad with names, JOSH

    • James is actually my middle name. And on this one I think you get a pass. Though I wasn’t actively hiding my first name, I have never advertised it either, really, so most of our fellow bloggers probably didn’t know it.

      When Ruth and I met in person, she started calling me Josh. Now many others are doing the same (which is just fine with me). 🙂

    • I can understand why. In contrast to my opinion, Best Man Down is the one you’re most likely to enjoy, I think.

      We Are What We Are is, in my opinion, the best of the them, but it is also gory and disturbing.

      Mister and Pete is quite good, too, but, much like Sunlight Jr, it highlights the kind of hardships our urban students face when they leave our schools. It was tough to sit through.

  2. Interesting that Best Man Down is finally just released nationwide. I saw it 2 yrs ago at TCFF, it was called LUMPY before. I was intrigued as it was shot partly in Minneapolis. I was quite impressed w/ Addison Timlin here, she and Justin Long actually attended the panel interviews. We Are What We Are also played at TCFF last year, but man that looks utterly terrifying!

    • Best Man Down was released nationwide in November – I just finally saw it now. And I was impressed with all of the actors, but Timlin was certainly one of them.

      We Are What We Are is actually not all that scary. It is less horror and more allegorical family drama. It is really good.

      • Hi Josh! So We Are What We Are is not gory? I thought it’s about cannibalism? I read a couple of reviews last year that terrified me. I’ll read yours shortly.

      • It is about cannibalism and there is plenty of gore, but it’s used in such a way that it mostly develops the characters, not frightens the viewer. I wouldn’t call it scary.

        But it is gory in places.

    • That one is good, too. I’m not sure whether or not I’d say it’s better than Big Bad Wolves. Maybe they’re about equal, as reflected by the grade they earned.

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