On Fields, Cars and Cities

I have added the following reviews of 2014 releases:

A Field in England

A Field in England

Grade: B

Ride Along

Ride Along

Grade: C-

Gimme Shelter

gimme shelter

Grade: C-

Additionally, I have added a review to the Yesteryear section:

M (1931)


Grade: A

Originally viewed as part of Alex Raphael’s Foreign Favourites Series, M is some of the best psychological filmmaking I have ever seen and thereby receives my highest recommendation. As does Alex’s blog, which is filled with compelling photography, quotes of the day, movie and book reviews, and more (including one of the most scintillating comments section in the blogosphere).

14 thoughts on “On Fields, Cars and Cities

  1. I need to see a Fritz Lang film one of these days, that’s one iconic filmmaker I seem to have missed out on. Haven’t heard of A Field in England, might give that one a shot too. Happy V day, Josh!

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