More from 2013

I have added the following reviews:

A Case of You

A Case of You

Grade: C

Man of Tai Chi

Man of Tai Chi

Grade: C



Grade: D

Also, thanks to Ruth, I have now seen the Director’s Cut of The Act of Killing. My grade, an A-plus, is unchanged, but suffice to say the Director’s Cut is even more poignant than the theatrical release.

16 thoughts on “More from 2013

  1. Is the director’s cut the longer or shorter version? I’ve only seen the longer cut of The Act of Killing (which is what aired at the Brisbane Film Festival), but I have the DVD ready to watch the shorter cut soon, and I thiiink I’m going to like it better.

    • The director’s cut is about 40 minutes longer. I couldn’t watch it in one sitting, but it gives a better vision of modern day Indonesian society. It also studies Herman and Anwar a touch better.

      But the shorter version is perfect even without the extra scenes. Plus, an additional forty minutes with such upsetting content is tough.

      • The point about “better vision of modern day Indonesian society” is actually why I’m looking forward to the shorter cut more. I found all that really interesting but it seemed to distract from the core of the film’s thesis about the banality of evil and the difficulty of sympathising with monsters.

      • That’s fair.

        I found the other thesis (when killers win, what is life like) just as interesting as the ones to which you point. Which is why I …. appreciate …. the longer cut, as well.

      • Yeah, that’s fair. I just felt that some of those scenes I’m referring to were very “traditional” documentary – you know, here is an intimate view of things you didn’t know were happening. And it’s fine, and it is very interesting, but it almost felt like it should have been a different documentary? Particularly the stuff about election corruption and so on. A really minor quibble about an amazing film.

      • That makes sense. I didn’t share the feeling, per se, but I understand and respect the point.

        For what it’s worth, Herman campaigning for parliament isn’t totally excised from the shorter version – it’s just less emphasized.

  2. The director’s cut of Act of Killing definitely gives you a more detailed account, I know Mr. Oppenheimer wanted everyone to see that one. He actually gave the dvd to me right after the interview as he knew it’d be tougher to find than the theatrical release. Glad you appreciate it Josh.

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