Remakes and Reboots

I have added the following review:

Evil Dead (2013)

evil dead

Grade: D+

Additionally, I’ve reviewed my first 2014 release:

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit

Grade: C+

5 thoughts on “Remakes and Reboots

  1. I liked both of these films more than you. “Evil Dead” is what it is. A gory an playful homage of sorts. I had fun with it although (unlike the classic original) its not one I care to revisit.

    I thought Shadow Recruit was good lightweight fun. It’s well made and I appreciated its straightforward aim. It does nothing new but if I have fun with it I’m ok.

    Good reviews. Fun reading.

    • I think we completely agree on Shadow Recruit, actually. I just represent that opinion with a C+, a grade that indicates slightly above average.

      Sounds like you did enjoy Evil Dead more. I think it mostly entertaining, but also flawed. And not nearly playful enough to justify such silliness.

  2. Hi Josh! Again, it’s very nice to finally meet you in person!

    Well, I have no desire to ever watch Evil Dead though I did watch the first movie and thought it was quite funny. Glad you at least find the new Jack Ryan to be somewhat enjoyable. Like we discussed, it’s not a GREAT thriller, but still pretty entertaining.

    • Again, it was great meeting you, as well. Also, thanks for driving to my area this time. Next time, I’ll come to you, so that travel time can be equitable and all that. 🙂

      The 1981 Evil Dead, in my opinion, is one of the horror genre’s rare gems, precisely because it is so hilarious. This new one is better than terrible, worse than good, partially because it is completely absurd but doesn’t try for any comedy.

      • Hi Josh, oh not a problem. It’s good to drive to an area I’m not used to once in a while. We can meet in Eagan area (Yankee Doodle Rd) next time. If I look at the map, that’s actually dead center (if you see it diagonally) between your home and mine in Savage 😀

        I think if I were to see a horror flick, I prefer more of a horror comedy, so like the first Evil Dead or Shaun of The Dead. I will avoid this sequel for sure!

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