Justice Is Not Blind

Fruitvale Station

Fruitvale Station

Grade: A



Grade: D-

Short Term 12

short term 12

Grade: A

Both the first and last are now part of my Current Top Ten – 2013. Each has a chance to be on my final list, whenever I publish it.

8 thoughts on “Justice Is Not Blind

  1. Haven’t seen all three. I might rent Fruitvale Station though not exactly high on my must-see list. I heard on MPR about the entire ending so that kind of spoiled the film for me. I suppose I’ll see it for Jordan’s performance one day.

    • I remember the 2009 news story, so knew how it was going to end before I saw it, too.

      Honestly, I think the foreknowledge makes the film better, not worse. Knowing the ending means you catch the emotion, feel the foreboding, and better understand what Coogler wants you to experience. I would say that NPR interview makes it more likely you appreciate this film.

      Take that for whatever it’s worth. 😉

  2. Ive only seen Fruitvale.

    I didn’t really know the story, but was able to guess it because of key words in the synopsis, so I sorta knew what would happen, but not how and why which made the movie even more intriguing for me.

    • Fruitvale is great. I do remember the story, and so did know what was coming (which is why I noticed the BART trains audio in the background). But I think knowing what’s coming actually makes the emotion even more powerful, not less.

    • Very. I’m closing in on 160 2013 films seen and both Short Term and Fruitvale are in my Current Top Ten. Both stand an excellent chance of being in the final draft.

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