Sing Us a Song, You’re the . . .

I have added the following reviews:



Grade: B-

Gimme the Loot

Gimme the Loot

Grade: B

Inside Llewyn Davis

Inside Llewyn Davis

Grade: A

I recommend all of them, but the last is easily the best. Inside Llewyn Davis displays Joel and Ethan Coen in fine form.



12 thoughts on “Sing Us a Song, You’re the . . .

  1. Hey, you saw Gimme The Loot too! I got that as a *gift* for the secret santa blogathon and enjoyed it quite a bit. Wish there were a bit more story to it though. Curious to see Byzantium, I quite like the cast.

    • I read your Gimme the Loot review. Was why I finally prioritized it over the other movies on Netflix. I liked it, too. A lot. The lead actors are good and the characters interesting. Though I agree it is lite on theme.

      Byzantium has a few flaws, but it’s good. I look forward to hearing your thoughts when you’ve seen it.

      • Ahahahaha, I didn’t know most bloggers still aren’t into Reddit. Well, you have to sign up to use it, let me know if you have questions. Just email me 😀

      • Well, I only just started this blogging thing and am only beginning to get acclimated. I’m not as well versed as most others, probably.

        And I already signed up and upvoted.

        Thanks again!

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