On The Big Screen

I have added the following reviews:

Saving Mr. Banks

Saving Mr. Banks

Grade: C+



Grade: B

American Hustle

American Hustle

Grade: B+

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

The Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaug

Grade: D+

I don’t hate any of them, but The Desolation of Smaug is certainly my least favorite. American Hustle doesn’t quite make my top ten, but it is the one I most recommend. Nebraska is very good, and Saving Mr. Banks is above average.

13 thoughts on “On The Big Screen

    • My wife and mother-in-law were kind enough to give me some time off, and it I spent it at the theater, as is often my custom.

      And I did like it less than you. But no reason to be sorry; I’ve seen more than 130 of this year’s releases and I’m not done yet. I was always going to see The Hobbit eventually. You and some others around WordPress might have caused me to increase how much I prioritized seeing it now as opposed to weeks from now, but that’s it. Besides, I didn’t completely hate it and still found some entertainment in it. 🙂

  1. Nice set of reviews. Saving Mr. Banks looks like one of those prestige movies made to earn Oscars. I don’t have any interest in seeing it. As for The Hobbit, I agree with your rating, that was hugely boring.

    • Thanks. And totally agreed on The Hobbit.

      I was excited for Saving Mr. Banks. The true story of the Mary Poppins’ creation is pretty fascinating, especially since both book series and film are so well regarded, despite the artists’ differences. I assumed the studio wouldn’t make its founder as underhanded as he really was, but I also figured they’d get closer to the truth than they did.

      Oh well. Even on its own terms as made, it’s still not terrible.

  2. I have yet to see anything. I’m trying to get to American Hustle and am curious about Wolf on Wall Street–your reviews seem to be right on, although, I’ve heard a lot of good things about Nebraska….

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