Why Don’t I Speak More Languages?

I have added the following reviews:

Museum Hours

Museum Hours

Grade: C-



Grade: D+

The Hunt

The Hunt

Grade: A-

The Hunt is the only one I recommend. And I recommend it quite forcefully; it is fantastic.




12 thoughts on “Why Don’t I Speak More Languages?

  1. Too bad about Museum Hours. After our discussion yesterday, I was hoping it was worth watching. The Hunt, however, I’ve heard nothing but great things. I hope it is a nominee for best foreign film at the Oscars. Nice reviews.

    • Thanks. Since you said you like movies about art, you might like Museum Hours more than me. It is basically all about art.

      And The Hunt should be nominated. It isn’t my favorite foreign film, so I’d prefer it not win (I am still all in on Wadjda).

      I wouldn’t be offended if The Hunt wins, though. It really is great.

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