On Life and Death

I have recently added the following reviews:

About Time

About Time

Grade: D-

The Book Thief

The Book Thief

Grade: B

Surprisingly, they have some thematic similarities. The latter is certainly much better than the former, though.

8 thoughts on “On Life and Death

  1. I haven’t seen About Time yet but you hate it eh? I usually like Richard Curtis’ work so I guess we’ll see about that one. I gave The Book Thief a 3.5 so I guess that’s a B too, it’s growing on me though I wasn’t as blown away when I first saw it.

    • Hate it? Maybe not quite. If I did, I’d have given it an F, but I’m not far from hatred. Not a good movie. I usually like Richard Curtis a lot, too. Bridget Jones Diary (the first, ignore the sequels) might be my favorite rom-com ever. Love Actually is my favorite Christmas movie, and I even enjoyed Four Weddings and a Funeral. Which is all to say . . . I was very disappointed, all the more so because I drove to Lakeville, on a wintry night, to see it. 😦

      As to the other, I think it has some flaws, but is all in all quite good.

    • Heart was in the right place, I agree. But, as I said in the full review, I don’t think that is enough to overcome the fairly generic characters, incessant voice over, and lack of conflict.

      That said, I also know I’m in the minority here. Many, many people like it and only a few dislike it as much as me.

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