At the Theater

I have recently added the following reviews:

Thor: The Dark World

Thor The Dark World

Grade: C+

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The Hunger Games- Catching Fire

Grade: B+

Both are entertaining, and the latter is near excellent. I highly recommend Catching Fire.

8 thoughts on “At the Theater

    • That is certainly true of the first Hunger Games.

      Of course, I think the first Hunger Games novel is one of the five or six finest novels I’ve ever read, young adult or otherwise. Ever. (And I’ve read a lot of novels.) So I’m not certain any film could have aced it, really.

      This flick adapts the second novel very well. The second book was such a big fall off from the first, but there is none of that here. Which is why I say the movie might actually be better than the book.

  1. So jealous you’ve seen Catching Fire! I couldn’t go to the press screening last week as it was in the morning and I had to work 😦 Was it better than the first movie?

    • Yes. I even think it was at least as good as the second novel. And maybe better.

      (It was nowhere near as good as the first book, though.)

      And press screening . . . I haven’t figured out how to get lined up for those yet. I just keep shelling out money. 🙂

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