I Need to Start Watching Happier Movies



Grade: C-

12 Years a Slave

12 Years a Slave

Grade: A

What Maisie Knew

What Maisie Knew

Grade: B



Grade: D

Needless to say, none of these films have feel-good narratives. Which can be said for seven of the last eight movies I’ve seen. If it weren’t for Last Vegas‘ levity, I might need to seek psychiatric help.

6 thoughts on “I Need to Start Watching Happier Movies

  1. Look, there’s an easy fix for all of these films. Just a step to the left (and a jump to the right?):

    Replace Mama with Stop, or My Mom Will Shoot!

    12 Years a Slave? More like 12 Years a Rave! (Okay, sure, this isn’t a film, but it turns out there are remarkably few feel-good comedies about slavery)

    What Maisie Knew can easily become the Bill Murray vehicle The Man Who Knew Too Little

    Meanwhile let’s switch out Parkland for… Hollywoodland? Still kinda depressing. Adventureland is a little better. Maybe Zombieland if you like your Jesse Eisenberg better when he’s surrounded by the undead (also ties in with the Bill Murray film above)?

    There, problem solved.

  2. Ahah, Dave’s suggestions are a hoot!

    I’m very curious about What Maisie Knew, I missed that one from a local film fest earlier this year. Parkland made me so nauseous from the shaky cam stuff that’s SO unnecessary!

    • I didn’t even comment on the shaky cam in Parkland, but you’re right. Yet another weakness.

      What Maisie Knew is good. And hard to watch (especially for those of us with kids (girls no less) approximately Maisie’s age).

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