Only Two This Time

I recently added the following reviews:

Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado About Nothing

Grade: C+

The Counselor

The Counselor

Grade: F

Both are flawed, but, at the very least, Much Ado is above average. The Counselor, on the other hand, yikes. Rarely do people talk so much to say so little, unless they’re leading a press conference, I suppose.

2 thoughts on “Only Two This Time

  1. So curious about ‘Much Ado About Nothing’! Can’t believe I haven’t seen that one. The Counselor sounds more like a rental to me as I don’t care for extreme violence. Interestingly, the horrible poster made it look like an action comedy!

    • The good news is The Counselor has so little going on in it that it isn’t all that violent (there are a few scenes of gore, but fewer than you might anticipate). I agree they marketed it as almost funny. It isn’t. It isn’t dramatic either, though. 😉

      Much Ado is entertaining. It’s worth a rental – just don’t expect anything amazing. 😉

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